What is in Your Drinking Water?

Leading brand Brita-style pitchers, simple carbon filters, and bottled water do not provide adequate protection from ever-worsening water quality and several of these types of water contaminants.

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Heavy Metals
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Bottled Water Quality Investigation

“10 major brands. 38 pollutants. Bottled water contains disinfectant by-products, fertilizer residue, and pain medicine.”

Environmental Working Group Study
Olga Naidenko, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, et al.

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Smart Shopper’s Shortcut
What you need to know about filtration…

What good is healthy water if it isn’t also clean water? To that end, be thorough in your research. Watch out for slick marketing. One company offers “customized filtration.” All they really do is give you a standard (and unsightly) three filter array (installed separately from your ionizer) regardless of where you live. You end up with the extra hassle and cost of five filters and external housings to change annually. If you don’t, you void your warranty. Another company touts .01 micron as its “UltraPlus,” best solution. A .01 micron filter sounds good and can remove microbes, but is lousy at broad contaminant removal. We have sold them for 15 years and only recommend them if you are on untreated (well) water. Read on and you’ll learn about our UltraWater technology — the most thoroughly tested and safest option available.

Clean, Delicious AND Safe H2 Infused Water

UltraWater Filter: The ONLY Water ionizer Filter Tested For 172 Contaminants

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UltraWater Ionizer Filter Removes

Prescription Drugs
Industrial Chemicals
Chromium VI
OTC Drugs
Heavy Metals
Volatile Organic Compounds