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How Best to Hydrate

Benefits of Proper Hydration – Hydrate for Health!

Proper Hydration Helps You Maintain Mental Clarity, Regulate Blood Sugar and Reduce Fatigue.

“About 75% of all Americans are probably dehydrated”. Cornell Medical Center, Nutrition Information Center study.

Are you drinking enough H2O? Proper hydration is critical for you to enjoy good health. You cannot be healthy and fit, unless you stay properly hydrated – every day. We believe that proper hydration must take its place alongside nutrition and exercise as a foundational stone of holistic health and anti-aging medicine.

An often cited minimum, daily amount of water, to remain reasonable hydrated, is to drink half your body weight on ounces.
A suggested way to go for optimum hydration is to drink daily, one liter of water for every 30 pounds of body weight .

Effects of dehydration on human body
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